We are tinkerers of reality, always with a wrench in hand and a blueprint in mind, fixing one thing after the other. Sometimes, our frustrations fuel our creativity, and instead of choosing the simple path, we find ourselves building rocketships when a mere bike would suffice.


Sometimes, our wild ideas turn into profitable ventures but other times, we’re just content knowing that our quirky inventions have made life a little easier, a little more interesting, or a little more fun for that one special user.

Out-Of-The-Box Ideation

Assembling the little elves

Just Building


Tech Expertise

A curation of the products that we have built over the last few years

Our Experiments

Export Chat

Chat with AI & Export your conversations for FREE. One-click download for all your Chats.


Subscribe Dairy products, Branded snacks, Foodgrains, Beverages, Fruits & Vegetables, Kitchen items, Beauty products and much more based on your needs.


Effortless Document Interaction with AI Chat with your documents, extract insights, and unlock knowledge effortlessly.


A Library of beautiful web3 components for your next web3 build. Crafted beautifully and thoughtfully and all bundled in one place.